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Full Body
I can do half species but i cant do furries/anthro (Not the best sorry)
I do not do backgrounds
if one is wanted you must pay extra depending on how detailed usually 5 points
Half Body
 Only half bodies no full legs. NO NSFW.

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United States
Hey I'm Allen, but most of my friends call me Shade.


HMU TheShadow-Kun #1947

Discord ^

Yo welcome page and chizz~! I'm just your average trans dude (f to m) I LOVE art and I have been drawing since before I could talk and walk! I hope to become good friends with all, don't be shy I don't bite! I am an aspiring writer and am writing two books now, ask me and maybe I'll give you a peek at em'!

Watch me to follow the Panda Parade, Or join here~!:


Ps - Smile For Me! : D
"We are here to help prepare you for real life"
Real life? Isn't that what we are in now? If not, where are we?
I'll tell you. We are in a world of reverse creation. Innovation moves forward but, imagination moves at a steady pace backwards trying to undo things that have already been put in this generations delete file.
You say this generation is distracted, limited, cold, ungrateful, ignorant. But of course you would know that. Because its your fault. Not you as one person, you as a generation. The last generation.
Half of you push on us the things you could not hold up on you own. You expect us to hold these things for you.  And become angry when the lesser dog, the underling, fails.
The other half of you are selfish. You think that you can tell us 'No' because you couldn't accomplish yes. You think of us as a failure generation and you are right. We are. But not because we didn't do it.
We are a failing generation because we do it. We are put in lines like packaging items, You force upon us the things your generation failed to complete, the tings your generation failed to grasp. Then completely forget the meaning of 'New' Generation.
We are here for our benefit. To make OUR mark. Not to scratch at the mark so lazily left behind by others. We do not want your leftovers. Though your scraps can be put to use.
You say you are preparing us for real life, where everyone is watching, as if the first 18 years are a free trial, but people weren't watching. If they were they would see how much there program has failed. They would notice how many people end their subscriptions before the trial is up. How many people have been failed by the guidelines of the system.
You say we do not attempt to go beyond are limits? Because when we do we are cast down for it!
A girl in third grade was told to stop reading at home, because in school she read too well, and was ahead of the class.
A fourth grader was told it was wrong to ask his dad about complex math, because it fascinated him.
An elementary school-er was ridiculed by their teacher because they did not like how the child's piano teacher taught, and how the student was learning faster that the rest of the class.
An eight grader was failed because he did not use a calculator and didn't follow the exact guidelines for solving problems.
A tenth grader was called out in the middle of a class because the teacher didn't like how he took quick notes as he was taught in AP and IB classes.
And eleventh grader was failed on their first short essay because the teacher didn't believe the student could use the phrase "laced with expletives" without looking it up.

Our system is not here to teach us things to better ourselves in the future.
It is in place to keep us in line. To keep us quiet from what society thought was disgraceful then.
But this is now. We know society better than society does. Because believe it or not;
we are in real life. We are in the new world, full of our own guidelines that you don't see, because they aren't meant to be seen by anyone except the ones following them. You made the mistake of making ones for all to see.
Because we are born into your world or colors and lines
But you will die in our line art, it will not be scribbled out, and it will not be colored by the crayons you pull out for us.



I forgot to mention that Gaybryell is literally 13" tall
Spring Prince
So I decided to redraw Gaybryell.
Those of you who have been with me from the beginning know him, he was suppose to be some royalty in disguise who was like a hero and shit but lol nope fixed him.
Sorry guys I'm sick and I can't really draw so my art is kinda on hold for a while sorry


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House Of Memeries (+SP) :icontheshadow-kun:TheShadow-Kun 5 4
~Meet one of my internet friends
~Go to an Art convention
~Improve on my skill as an artist
~Get/give a core membership


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